Image Resources

In the subject area "Image Resources," presents its own image collections as well as selected image sources of other institutions.

Architectural Drawings

More than 68,000 drawings are available under the heading "Architectural Drawings" at the Deutsche Fotothek image database (German Photographic Collection). Beside drawings from the collections of the SLUB Dresden and the Architecture Museum at TU Berlin (Berlin Institute of Technology), you can also find a presentation of results of the DFG research project "German Renaissance Architectural and Engineering Drawings. Digitization and Indexing the Drawing Collections from 1500-1650."

Caricatures and illustrations from Fliegende Blätter

All caricatures and illustrations of the humorous satirical magazine "Fliegende Blätter" are collected and subject indexed. The illustrations are openly accesible online and can be found via free text search, as well as by searching for individual artist, topics and motifs. The editing took place in the context of a project funded by the DFG (German Research Fondation) called "Digitalisierung und Erschließung illustrierter Kunst- und Satirezeitschriften des 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhundert" at the Heidelberg University Library.

Color slide archive of wall and ceiling painting

The "Color slide archive of wall and ceiling painting" contains 39,000 digitalized records of important periods of fresco art and murals in churches, monasteries, castles and other secular buildings in Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia (east and west Prussia) and Czech Republic (Bohemia and North Moravia).

Deutsche Fotothek

Deutsche Fotothek – Images for Research
With more than 3 million images, the Deutsche Fotothek (German Photographic Collection) at the SLUB Dresden is a universal archive for Art and Cultural History, with special collections for Fine Art, Architecture, Music History, Saxon Regional History and the History of Technology.
More than 1.3 million images belonging to the Deutsche Fotothek image database and others from over 40 partner institutions have been made available in digital form. These can be researched using the image database catalogue, as well as here on

French caricatures

Satire magazines and caricatures from the Franco-Prussian War (1870/71) and the Paris Commune: in its image database HeidICON the Heidelberg University Library records and subject catalogues all illustrations and caricatures of the Parisian satire magazines Satirezeitschriften L'Eclipse, Le Grelot, Le Sifflet, La Scie and Le Fils du Père Duchêne as well as the collection of carictures and pamphlets from the estate of London book-seller N. Trübner in nine volumes. The pictures of the time before and during the Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune are freely accessible online and can be searched using different search parameters.

GDR Furniture Design

Photographer Friedrich Weimer’s special archive on the furniture industry in the GDR is an excellent supplement to the special interest collection focusing on "Contemporary art since 1945, photography, industrial design and commercial graphic arts" at the SLUB Dresden.

The German Photographic Collection image database offers an online search of this archive containing more than 16,000 b/w and color negatives, which provide an incredibly complete and unique visual documentary on the development of an entire sector of industry.

British Illustrations

About 12 000 caricatures and illustrations of the periodical Punch dating from 1841 to 1925 are freely accessible and searchable online in the image database HeidICON.

Illustrations from the Meggendorfer Blätter

Janke Archive

Janke Archive
In cooperation with Rosengarten e.V., the Deutsche Fotothek’s image database (German Photographic Collection) presents the Janke Archive, a special archive containing his incredible drawings.
In the nearly 40 years that Karl-Hans Janke spent under medical supervision as a patient of a psychiatric clinic, his considerable technical abilities led him to create his own miraculous world. The main focus of his meticulously thought-out, manically described developments was space travel.
In about 3,500 digitalized images provide an insight on this remarkable body of work, establishing Karl Hans Janke’s reputation as an outsider artist.

Kladderadatsch Karikaturen

Kladderadatsch Karikaturen

Martin Graßnick Archiv der TU Kaiserslautern

Martin Graßnick Archiv der TU Kaiserslautern

Miniatures from the Bibliotheca Palatina

The Heidelberg "Bibliotheca Palatina" in one of the most valuable collections of German language manuscripts of the middle ages and the early modern period. All illuminations of the 848 German language Heidelberg Palatina manuscripts of the Heidelberg University Library were arthistorically indexed during the cause of digitalization. All 7,000 minatures are described in great detail in the Heidelberg image database HeidICON. They are openly accessible online and can be searched for via a wide range of search options.

Der Simpl: Art – Caricature – Criticism

”Der Simpl“, a new attempt of the satirical weekly periodical "Simplicissimus“ which ceased to be printed in 1944, was published from 1946 to 1950 by W. E. Freitag Publishers, Munich. Concerning the appearance the journal remained true to the “Simplicissimus” while the political orientation was decidedly antifascist, antimilitarist and antinationalistic. Contributors were amongst others Henry Meyer-Brockmann, Rudolf Schlichter, Otto Dix and Erich Kästner.

Worker Photography

The SLUB Dresden acquires literature concerning photography for its special interest collection “European Art History up to 1945 and General Art Studies”, regardless of the time period covered.

In addition to this extensive collection of literature, the Deutsche Fotothek image database (German Photographic collection) contains ca. 2,000 images (negatives and positives) from the Worker Photography movement. Around 750 motifs from this collection, ranging from 1925 to 1980, are available for online research.

Integrated into the search function are more than 1.3 million motifs belonging to the Deutsche Fotothek image database (German Photographic Collection).

Image Databases

You’ll find additional Internet research possibilities here:

Image Index for Art and Architecture
Reference for ca. 2 million photographic reproductions of artworks and buildings in Germany and Europe, from numerous museums and institutions.

Meta search engine referencing numerous academic image databases, covering more than 2 260 000 digitalized works. A personal or institutional license is required; most German universities provide free access on-campus.

Digitalized paintings, music, films and books from European galleries, libraries, archives and museums. Contains about 5 million objects.

Art cyclopedia
John Malyon’s Fine Art meta search engine. Searches numerous international museum websites and image databases.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art collection of CC0 images
The Metropolitan Museum shares all public domain images in its collection under CC0, expanding their digital collection by over 375,000 images as well as providing data on over 420,000 museum objects spanning more than 5,000 years.

Do you want to play? ARTigo: Das Kunstgeschichtsspiel

Country-specific Image Databases

VADS - The Online Resource for Visual Arts
British image database containing more than 100,000 entries.

Joint image database of French museums, containing approximately 500,000 entries.