Architectural Drawings

[Under the heading Architectural Drawings, the Deutsche Fotothek image database (German Photographic Collection) presents drawings from the collections of the SLUB Dresden and the Architecture Museum at TU Berlin (Berlin Institute of Technology), as well as a presentation of results of the DFG research project "German Renaissance Architectural and Engineering Drawings. Digitization and Indexing the Drawing Collections from 1500-1650."

In total, there are more than 107,500 drawings available on this specialized online portal.

From the Collections of the SLUB Dresden

The SLUB Dresden unites architectural drawings from various sources, from the 16th to the early 18th century. The majority of the drawings belong to the oldest SLUB holdings that were acquired before 1807.

George Bähr: Drawings of the Frauenkirche in Dresden

From the Architecture Museum at TU Berlin (Berlin Institute of Technology)

Exemplarily for the TU Berlin Architecture Museum’s collections, the following image gallery shows drawings by Hans Poelzig (1889-1936) from the 1920s.

Drawings by Hans Poelzig