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my.arthistoricum.net offers a variety of services to help you access our resources in a way that is customized to your individual interests and research focus. For instance, it grants access to newly integrated data and to value-added services of the bibliographies in arthistoricum.net matching your research topics. The services provided by my.arthistoricum are regularly updated...read more

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 arthistoricum.net becomes a Specialised Information Service for Art, Photography and Design! SLUB Dresden an University Library Heidelberg cooperating in developing tailor-made services for researchers in art history... read more

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The online review journal Kunstform appears monthly and contains discussions on present academic art literature. It is published by Ulrich Fürst, Hubertus Kohle, Stefanie Lieb and Olaf Peters. The current issue is aboutread more

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ART-Dok - Digital Repository Art History

ART-Dok:  the publication platform of arthistoricum.net and open-access repository for theory and history of art. Here you can find: monographs, articles, lectures, etc. free of charge and without access limitation.read more

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GDR Furniture Design

With more than 16.000 black-and-white and colour negatives, the photographer Friedrich Weimer's specialized archive on the furniture industry of the GDR, contains unique visual documentation of the development of this industrial sector.read more


CFP: Art and Housing Struggles (London, 31 May-1 Jun 18)
18/01/18 00:00
ArtHist.net: Network for Art History
STIP: Residential scholarships at Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice
18/01/18 00:00
ArtHist.net: Network for Art History
CONF: II Curso de artes decorativas y diseño (Madrid, 28-31 Jan 18)
18/01/18 00:00
ArtHist.net: Network for Art History
CFP: Identity(ies) of the Azulejo in Portugal (Lisbon, 4 Oct 18)
18/01/18 00:00
ArtHist.net: Network for Art History

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