& NFDI4Culture has been part of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) funded by the German Research Foundation since October 2020. The NFDI4Culture consortium deals with research data on tangible and intangible cultural assets. Its Task Area 4 “Data publication and data availability” is jointly managed by SLUB Dresden and Heidelberg University Library as co-applicants. In addition, there is close cooperation with FIZ Karlsruhe as an expert and service provider in the field of sustainable information infrastructure.

The Specialised Information Services, with their long-standing close relationships with the specialist community, are strong partners in supporting the sustainable development of the services aimed at specialist communities that are to be developed within the framework of NFDI4Culture.

The central point here is the establishment of an expert forum for "data publication and data archiving". With a focus on complex data types, the forum aims to ensure the active participation of the user community and professional associations, the needs-based orientation of the planned measures, and networking within NFDI4Culture. Furthermore, the establishment of a consulting agency is planned, which will support both researchers and infrastructure providers in the publication of complex data types in compliance with the FAIR principles.
Further measures applied for are the provision of subject-specific and reusable reference implementations of research data repositories as well as the integration of relevant publication and LTA services into the NFDI4Culture infrastructure. The aim is to adapt all relevant services in close cooperation with their operators to the minimum requirements regarding relevant standards and interoperability.

Fields of action of Task Area 4 "Data publication and data availability“

Forum on data publication & data availability  (M1)

  • Establishment and operation of the forum: Implementation questionnaires to evaluate the service portfolio and to obtain expertise, workshops for drafting new proposed measures and features

Consulting agency for data publication and data availability (M2)

  • Setting up and operating the consulting agency: Expert consulting service for researchers at all stages of the publication process and with regard to digital preservation of research data, recommendations for digital preservation of complex data types

Ensuring the availability of core publication and digital preservation services for NFDI4Culture (M3)

  • Gap analysis, requirement specification and identification of appropriate data publication tools and services
  • Provision of reusable reference implementations of core services for data management and publication; provision of optimised services based on the reference implementations with special focus on interoperability and the use of authority data vocabularies
  • Certification of the data publication and digital preservation services: Core trust seal certification for central repositories

Establishment of digital preservation procedures and development of operating models for digital preservation (M4)

  • Development of methods for digital preservation of complex data types at the national and international level, development of prototype implementations for multimedia, networked and versioned publications; digital preservation for 3D objects; digital preservation for annotated AV media
  • Development of needs-based operating models for subject-specific data preservation services and cost models with the aim of a uniform calculation basis for provision of subject-specific data preservation services

(2020) NFDI4Culture - Consortium for research data on material and immaterial cultural heritage. Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e57036.




Dr. Jens Bove
SLUB Dresden

Dr. Maria Effinger
UB Heidelberg

Matthias Razum
FIZ Karlsruhe