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Since October 2020, has been part of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) funded by the German Research Foundation. The consortium NFDI4Culture deals with research data on tangible and intangible cultural assets. Its Task Area 4 "Data publication and data availability" is jointly managed by the SLUB Dresden and the UB Heidelberg as co-applicants. In addition, there is close cooperation with FIZ Karlsruhe as an expert and service provider in the field of sustainable information infrastructure.

The DFG-funded subject information services (FIDs) are important partners in the cooperation network for the development of a national research data infrastructure. They provide a powerful information structure for their respective subject communities and are actively involved in the strategic and planning processes of the NFDI consortia, in particular through their many years of experience and embeddedness within their disciplines.

In order to strengthen the cooperation between the FIDs and the NFDI4Culture consortium, the Arts & Culture Network was founded in 2023. The aim of the network is to coordinate the collaboration within the FID system as a whole and the NFDI from its disciplines.

Task Area 4 - Data publication and long-term archiving

Task Area 4 focuses on the storage, publication and long-term archiving of research data in the cultural sector. The increasing complexity of data management requires both the continuous improvement of existing standards and the optimisation of services in this area.

In order to achieve these goals, Task Area 4 maintains an expert forum that serves as a platform for repository providers and researchers to exchange expertise and experiences.  In this way, requirements and concrete needs are to be identified and new standards established that can be adopted throughout the NFDI4Culture community.

With the establishment of a helpdesk, researchers will also be offered expert support in all phases of the publication process in compliance with the FAIR principles. In addition, recommendations are made on suitable repositories and services that are tailored to the specific needs of certain subject areas.

To ensure that researchers in all NFDI4Culture disciplines have access to the best possible publishing and archiving solutions, TA 4 has compiled a selection of repositories (Curated Repository List), which is continuously supplemented and updated. In addition, repository operators are encouraged and actively supported to apply for certification of their service in order to increase confidence in their solutions.

Another goal of TA 4 is to expand the methods for digital preservation, especially for multimodal publications, 3D objects and annotated AV media. In close cooperation with national and international stakeholders, methods for the preservation of composite (multimodal) digital objects will be developed and the cost and operational models for LTA archiving services will be elaborated.


(2020) NFDI4Culture - Consortium for research data on material and immaterial cultural heritage. Research Ideas and Outcomes

Further information on the cooperation of the FIDs and with NFDI4Culture can be found here.



Dr. Jens Bove
SLUB Dresden

Dr. Maria Effinger
UB Heidelberg

Felix Bach
FIZ Karlsruhe