Network Topographic Visual Media

The Network Topographic Visual Media serves as a platform for the exchange between researchers who are concerned with the pictorial representation of topographic spaces in their various manifestations and contexts. The network's approach is deliberately broad, in order to facilitate cooperation across regions, epochs, and genres.

Topographic visual media have been and continue to be produced and used in a wide variety of fields, such as science, art, the military, administration, jurisdiction and tourism. Accordingly, the field of investigation includes maps and sea charts, topographic sketches, diagrams and plans, the mapping of planets and seas, and virtual spaces in computer graphics as well as landscape paintings, drawings and prints. There are many overlaps between these visual media in terms of techniques and types of spatial representation. Thus, we aim to understand and examine their functions and applications with regard to these interconnections.

The Network Topographic Visual Media aims to provide a public platform for academic debate and exchange between research projects and approaches from different disciplines, e.g. image, media and cultural studies, history of art or history of cartography. In workshops, current research projects on topographic visual media are presented and discussed. We also envisage further activities, such as the organisation of symposia, lectures and lecture series, the publication of research results, or joint excursions.


Tabea Braun, M.A. (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Dr. Amrei Buchholz (Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Architectural Archives)

Dr. Ulrike Boskamp (Berlin)

Dr. Annette Kranen (Universität Bern)