ART-Dok - Publication Platform for Art History and Visual Studies

ART-Dok is the publication platform of
Academics from all over the world are enabled to publish texts on art (e.g. monographs, articles, lectures) free of charge and without access limitation. To provide electronic secondary publications of texts which have already been published as a printed version is possible, too, and desired. All publications are stored permanently and citable due to standardized addresses and metadata. Furthermore, they are listed in national and international catalogues and databases.

A publication in ART-Dok does not exclude further publications of the same document in journals, monographs or other publication platforms.

ART-Dok sees itself as an open access repository for theory and history of art and visual studies and is supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

ART-Dok is a service of Heidelberg University Library
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