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With, you can research the whole subject spectrum belonging to Art History, beginning with the Early Christian era up to the present. aggregates the holdings of the Heidelberg University Library (art before 1945 and art history) and the SLUB Dresden (art after 1945, photography, design and commercial art) as well as the catalogues of various art and museum libraries (more about the integrated data). 

The search query considers books and journals, art historical internet sources, electronic journals, art historical databases (DBIS), articles and digitized literature. Furthermore, the search of includes hits from digitized full texts and from numerous image sources.

Articles and Journals

Research current and archived journals pertaining to the special interest collections of Contemporary Art and Art History with ease, using the search function at In addition, the journal database (ZDB) provides further information concerning the inventories of other libraries, as well as extensive information about preceding or succeeding titles of specific journals.

In the Electronic Journals Library (EZB), you can access subscribed electronic journals from both special interest collections, as well as journals that are freely accessible on the Internet. aims to fully integrate these resources in a single search function.

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Data Sources

Learn more about the integrated data sources available on, and about other search possibilities


New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions Services for the special interest collections of Contemporary Art and Art History as well as other art libraries


In the database ARTtheses. Forschungsdatenbank für Hochschulnachrichten Kunstgeschichte provided by the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte you can search for completed and started academic theses at German universities and other selected foreign institutes.


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