offers a variety of services to help you access our resources in a way that is customized to your individual interests and research focus. For instance, it grants access to newly integrated data and to value-added services of the bibliographies in matching your research topics. The services provided by my.arthistoricum are regularly updated.

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  • With your identifier, personalized features from the bibliographies we provide are at your disposal, i.e. marking favorites, tagging and commenting.


This is based on the prerequisite that you register personally. There are two ways to register:

  • If you belong to an institution that runs a provider within the DFN-AAI-infrastructure (authentication via Shibboleth), please use your local identifier. It might be necessary that your institution activates the use of our SDI service. Should access with your local identifier be denied, please contact

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  • Login via directly:

    Register directly with our portal. With the password that you obtain there you can use all personalized services without restriction.

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