Illustrations from the Meggendorfer Blätter

Illustrationen from the Meggendorfer Blätter

Heidelberg University Library records and subject catalogues caricatures and illustrations of the periodical Meggendorfer Blätter dating from 1888 to 1944 in its image database heidICON.
Die Meggendorfer Blätter were published in 57 editions between 1888 and 1944 as a comic of a particularly high artistic quality.
The first edition appeared with the title Aus Lothar Meggendorfers lustiger Bildermappe, later editions from 1890 onwards carried the title Meggendorfers Humoristische Blätter, and from 1897 to 1925 Meggendorfer Blätter. In 1905 Meggendorfer left the publisher. Karl Pommerhanz (1857-1940) took over the picture stories and above all Josef Mauder (1884-1669) became responsible for the presentation of the journal.