Bibliography FAKE

While the keyword "Rembrandt" in university OPACs currently results in 2,218 search results (and a tendency of steady increase), the hits for the keyword "Fake" initially appear comparatively high with a number of 970. One could almost think that academia has already dealt extensively with the complex of topics of counterfeiting. However, examining the quality of the results closely shows that at least half of the results mentioned are popular scientific publications which, going by the publication date, always react to the sensation associated with a contemporary counterfeiting scandal. An even closer look then reveals that half of the publications are from neighbouring disciplines such as literature, natural science or law. In order to enable targeted access to interdisciplinary research literature on the phenomenon of art forgery, this bibliography offers for the first time a compilation of scientific publications on the phenomenon of art forgery with an international focus and a focus on the field of art history.

Bibliographie FAKE

The bibliography is hosted and operated by the Heidelberg University Library in accordance with its current DFG project " - Fachinformationsdienst Kunst" (“ – Specialised Information Service for Art”). The titles are created and indexed by project staff at the Südwestdeutscher Bibliotheksverbund (Southwest German Library Network, SWB) using standards data from the Integrated Authority File (Gemeinsame Normdatei, GND). The presentation will use the open-source discovery system VuFind. The concept developed here as a prototype for the topic of "art forgeries" is to be further developed as a versatile tool for the electronic recording of specialist bibliographies. Its layout can be variably adapted to external settings. In addition to the convenient search options available, further functions are planned.