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The search mask offered here enables you to search for titles or contents of currently almost 11,500 digitized auction and sales catalogues with a focus on German-language catalogues from the years 1901 to 1945. To access the catalogues by the location of the institution, please use the browsing entry below the search mask.

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      The catalogues appear as searchable full texts using automated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and are enriched with convenient navigation options: e.g. a table of contents with individually selectable headings, a full view, a zoom or rotation option for viewing individual details in different magnification levels or a print function. All volumes are available for download as PDF files. The digital copies can be cited via persistent URLs and URNs.

      The templates were digitized centrally by the Heidelberg University Library on the basis of a workflow that has been tried and tested over many years and put online. Heidelberg University Library uses the in-house development DWork - Heidelberg Digitization Workflow, to support the work processes in digitization and the web presentation of the works. The guidelines specified by the German Research Foundation (DFG) are taken into account in all work steps.