Caricature & Comic. Satire periodicals, cartoons and comics

Like no other medium the cartoon reflects human, social and political issues of the period, and jokes, amuses, informs, contradicts or criticizes them. Due to the variety of its subjects, it is employed by different academic disciplines as a source or object of research, including amongst others art history, history as well as media, political and social sciences. The thematic portal Caricature & Comic supports and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and research by providing a platform for these various disciplines to outline and share their research and announce any related events. In addition, the subpages of Caricature & Comic provide introductory information to archives, museums, projects, journals and institutions specialized on cartoons, as well as image databases and an overview of research relevant websites. Any latest news or recent developments in the field of cartoon research will be published in the news section "Aktuell". It lists the latest blog posts and offers a quick overview of events and what is happening in the cartoon world.

The bibliography created for the thematic portal Caricature & Comic comprises specialist and interdisciplinary literature on national and international research; it is continuously updated and expanded. Notes from museums, institutions and authors on new catalogues and publications as well as unrecognized works are  gladly received by the editors of Caricature & Comic.

All those working with and on cartoons or satire journals are invited to write about their issues and projects in the blog of A thematic selection of blog posts from our bloggers and guest posts can be viewed via the category Karikatur or on the author websites of the respective bloggers. Guest posts are always welcome and may be submitted to the editors.

The thematic portal was released on 4 March 2015!