recensio.artium bundles reviews of art historical literature in It offers a central reference for online reviews of literature in art history published in open access and enables a quick search into reviews of monographs, journals and articles as well as the reviewed works. Not only the recorded metadata is searched, but also the full texts of the reviews. Exhibition and event reviews are also indexed. All reviews on recensio.artium have citable DOIs (Digital Object Identifier).


recensio.artium is a service of and is managed by Heidelberg University Library.

Until 2021 the concept and the software of - review platform for European history was reused for recensio.artium. Since 2022 the presentation has been carried out using the discovery system VuFind which, was developed as open source software.

Are you the editor of an art history journal and would like to make your reviews easier to find through

recensio.artium? Or would you like to publish your own reviews online free of charge? Please contact us.

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