Terms of Publication

FONTES publishes annotated pictorial and textual sources on the history of art that fall roughly within the period 1350 to 1730.

Sources are understood here in as broad a sense as possible as all materials that contribute to an interpretive approach to historical horizons of understanding of art, of images, of artifacts produced with aesthetic pretensions, and of architecture. The nature and extent of the material presented may vary: In addition to stand-alone treatises on art literature, excerpts from writings on other topics pertaining to the arts are published, or compilations and questions on pictorial sources for the history of art history. Further comparative illustrations in the commentary are possible – the image rights for these are clarified in each case by the authors. New digitizations of source texts are possible after consultation with the editors.

The commentary on textual sources should at least include a preface that introduces the author and text and situates them in the context of the time, as well as a bibliography of the manuscripts, editions, and secondary literature that is as complete as possible. Optionally, a passage commentary, a translation, and, if applicable, a digital reprint of the original can be included. The commentary on visual sources provides relevant information on the origin, context, and distribution of the visual material.

Two forms of publication in FONTES are possible:

  • Shorter contributions are formatted by the authors themselves according to the guidelines and usually appear in ART-DOK.
  • Since 2022, longer contributions can alternatively appear as eBOOK (possibly also as print edition in bookshops) at ART-Books.

If you would like to contribute to FONTES, please contact the editors in advance.