La Scie

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The illustrated satire periodical La Scie was published in Paris weekly from 23th June 1872 until 23th March 1873. The 40 issues, 28 of which have been digitized by Heidelberg University Library, are all similarly structured; they consist of two text pages framed by two illustrated pages. As a rule each issue features a coloured caricature on the title page and a black and white caricature on its back cover. The periodical, which only existed for a short period of time, was published under the direction of César Mermet and sold for 10 Centimes. Georges Carl and later Ed. Dangin were chief editors.
The texts and contents of the periodical often targeted the pretenders to the throne and dealt with current affairs. The title pages were mainly designed by Achille Lemot or Moloch. Some caricatures stand out due to their interaction with the reader; who is for example invited to cut up the caricature and to rearrange it afterwards himself.