Research data

Photo: Janneke Staaks
Photo: Janneke Staaks

Additional to the the e-publishing offer for articles, books and journals, provides scholars with the opportunity to archive the respective research data permanently. These can be linked directly to online publications hosted on the Heidelberg publishing platforms. All research data – e.g. images, videos, audio files, tables, graphics etc. – receive a DOI (Digital Object Identifiyer). Thus, they can be cited, viewed and permanently linked to as distinct academic output.

Long-term archiving of research data is central to good academic practice: It is necessary for the fundamental accountability of research findings that are based on respective data. Furthermore, the archiving makes it possible for the data to be used in further research projects in the future.

The research data is stored in the „heiDATA Dataverse Network“ . “heiDATA” is Heidelberg University’s research data repository. This joint service of the University and its IT centre is supplied by the Competence Centre for Research Data (KFD).

If you would like to archive already existing research data or are planning a new research project, do not hesitate to contact us.


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