DER STURM Bibliography

„Der Sturm“ bibliography is being compiled by the Stuttgart Research Centre for Text Studies (SRCTS)in collaboration with Stuttgarter Akademie der Künste. It lists research literature on Herwarth Walden and his journals “Der Sturm” and “Die Sturmbühne” as well as literature on Sturm books and on titles published by the “Der Sturm” publishing house. The aim of this bibliography is to merge international and interdisciplinary literature, to be constantly updated and comprehensively searchable. 

DER STURM Bibliography

The bibliography is hosted and run by Heidelberg University Library in the context of its current DFG-project " – Specialised Information Service". The references included in the bibliography are compiled by researchers and academics, and are entered and subject catalogued by project assistants within the Südwestdeutsche Bibliotheksverbund (SWB), i.e. the Union Catalogue of South-West Germany, using the authority files of the GND (Integrated Authority File). The web interface uses the open source discovery system VuFind. Apart from the currently available comfortable search capabilities other functions are scheduled.