Cranach Bibliography

The “Cranach Bibliography“ offers direct access to interdisciplinary academic literature on Lucas Cranach the Elder, his sons, collaborators, and followers.

The bibliography is hosted and operated by Heidelberg University Library in the context of their current third party funded project “ – Specialized Information Service for Art”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The titles are determined by researchers, fed in and subject catalogued by project staff of the Südwestdeutsche Bibliotheksverbund, the Southwest German Union catalogue (SWB). The presentation is realized using the open access software Discovery Systems VuFind. Though in this case defined for the specific topic “Lucas Cranach the Elder” the tool is versatile and can be developed further for the electronic coverage of other research bibliographies, the layout being variable and adaptable to external environments. Apart from the easy to operate search functions a range of other functions are intended.    

Cranach Biliography

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