Catalogue raisonné Georg Jakob Best

The digital catalog raisonné of the artist Georg Jakob Best (1903-2003) was created under the direction of Prof. Dr. Christoph Wagner in collaboration with Dr. Felix Billeter at the Chair of Art History, University of Regensburg. The catalog raisonné is built on the basis of biographical sources and the artist’s estate register, compiled by the artist’s daughter, Mrs. Viola Schweinfurtner. As a student of Paul Klee, Best was defamed as a "degenerate artist" by the National Socialists. After the war, Best was a member of the Darmstadt and Frankfurt Secessions. In cooperation with the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, the Kunstmuseum Bayreuth (home of the Georg Jakob Best Foundation) and the Kunsthalle Mannheim, the artist's estate was completely digitized and scientifically evaluated. The evaluation was part of a research project and made accessible via heidICON in cooperation with the Heidelberg University Library.

The catalog raisonné includes approximately 550 paintings and works on paper by Georg Jakob Best. Best's sculptures, works in public space and handicraft works are selectively included.