How to establish a thematic portal?

The column thematic portals conveys research results and the initiation of new research as well as the academic exchange. In this respect international projects and interactive components are of particular interest.

Thus cross references and synergies to the remaining columns search, e-publishing, resources and tutorials regarding contents and workflow can and should arise. Institutions or single researchers, which have interest in establishing and care for a thematic portal in context of, will be contacted by our editor after consulting our project partners in order to clarify, how the suggestion adds itself into the whole conception of and which organizational and personnel bases are provided.

The increase of contents of the different thematic portals remains in responsibility of the concerning institutions and persons. Concerning the design and layout certain allegations are to maintain, which will be fixed in a individual agreement.

The care of the sides is carried out on the basis of the content management system TYPO3. The editors of thematic portals receive an access limited to their competences to the content management system (CMS). provides the necessary base of training course and gives the editors constantly support while handling the CMS.