Help for full text search

Tips: using the full text search

The full text was generated by the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with the software Abbyy Finereader It has not been corrected afterwards (so called "dirty OCR"), so a small error rate of 1-2 percent remains.

Because of this method, used due to the magnitude of the digitized texts, the full text serves only for a positive search, not as a reliable text basis. A word not correctly read by the OCR cannot be found by the search. If no matches are found, it does not necessarily mean that the used search term is not in the text. Consequently, there is the risk that relevant passages may not be found and that texts may therefore be unintentionally misinterpreted.

In spite of these limitations the UB Heidelberg decided not only to offer in the display of results the image highlighting the matches, but also to show the OCR text. Thus, the researcher can compare the text passage with the OCR text himself. There is also the possibility to copy citations for one's own texts directly using Copy & Paste.

Tips when using the search

  • The "*" replaces any number of letters:
    E.g. anti* will find antik as well as antiquité.