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This search mask enables you to search for titles or contents of currently almost 10,000 digitized auction catalogs from the years 1901 to 1945. To access the catalogs by the location of the auction house, please use the browser entry. An overview by collector can be found here.

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The catalogues appear via automatized OCR (Optical Character Recognition) as searchable full texts and are enhanced by convenient navigation options, including: an index with individually selectable headlines; a full size panel, a means to zoom and rotate the document for detailed viewing at different levels of magnification, and a print function. All documents are made available as pdf files for downloading. All digitized objects are quotable via persistent URLs and URNs.

The original paper documents were digitized and published online centrally by Heidelberg University Library through a robust and long-established internal workflow built using the internally developed software pipeline DWork Heidelberger Digitalisierungsworkflow. All procedures follow the guidelines stipulated by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


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To date, the online repository of Heidelberg University Library contains around 9150 auction catalogues spanning the years 1901 to 1945. They originate from the inventory of Heidelberg University Library and Kunstbibliothek Berlin as well as a total of 50 further libraries and institutions.

The auction catalogues published from 1930 until 1945 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all other territories occupied by Germany, are available, and close to completeness.

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Browse the auction results in the Weltkunst 1930-44 and the Kunstpreisverzeichnis 1939-42.