Visual Arts Bibliography

In its function as a state collection focusing on the Visual Arts (1966) and in its later function as the "Central Library for Art and Music of the GDR" (1983), the Saxon State Library took over the job of publishing a Visual Arts Bibliography.

Covering the years 1973-1989, this bibliography includes publications concerning the Visual Arts from the GDR, as well as publications from abroad concerning the Visual Arts in the GDR. The final volume, covering the year 1990, was published in 2001 by the SLUB Dresden, concluding this bibliography.
About 80% of the publications listed belong to the SLUB collections.

Today, the Visual Arts Bibliography is part of the special interest collection focusing on Contemporary Art since 1945 and is included in the online catalogue. It is also available via the SWB as well as via the catalog of Since 2010, all volumes of this bibliography have been fully digitalized and are publicly available.

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