Digitized Sources

arthistoricum.net presents art historically relevant text collections, which are made available online by digitization and improved indexing.

Architecture and Landscaping

As a part of its Special Subject Collection in Art History the Heidelberg University Library holds an important collection of historical books (late 15th through the early 19th century) on architecture and garden desgin, which we endeavour to make available on the Internet at no charge.

Digitized auction catalogs

Bibliotheca Cicognara

Die private Büchersammlung des italienischen Kunstsammlers, Mäzens und Kunsthistoriographen Leopoldo Cicognara (1767-1834) ist eine der bedeutendsten, im frühen 19. Jahrhundert entstandenen, Privatbibliotheken zur Archäologie, Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte und bis heute für die Kunst- und Kulturgeschichtsschreibung eine Quelle von unschätzbarem Wert.

Visual Arts Bibliography

In the year 1960, the Saxon State Library was assigned the function of collecting materials focusing on the Visual Arts, and went on to become the "Central Library for Art and Music of the GDR" (1983). With this came the job of publishing a "Visual Arts Bibliography".
Starting with the year 1973, this bibliography includes all publications concerning the Visual Arts from the GDR, as well as publications from abroad concerning the Visual Arts in the GDR. The final volume, covering the year 1990, concludes this bibliography.

Early Christian and Byzantine Art

Illustrated Magazines of the Weimar Republic

Magazines began to enjoy a boom in the mid-1920s, and even today, newsstands and kiosks would be inconceivable without them. Published every week, every two weeks or every month in book form with between 100 and 200 stapled or glued pages and usually a colored cover, the "magazine" or "review" served purposes of entertainment and edification, presenting its readers a popular mixture of social and cultural articles with ample illustrations. The dominant design element of this type of periodical is the extensive use of photography, which profited from technical innovations (such as the 35mm camera) and from new forms of image collection and distribution (photo reporters, picture agencies).

Catalogues of the "Große Deutsche Kunstausstellung"

Artists A-Z

Exhibitions at the 'Glaspalast' in Munich

Kunst im Werden (Art in Progress)

Published by the Saxon Academy of the Arts and the SLUB Dresden, this exhibition catalogue presents 18 contemporary artists and their creative process. These artists use literary, photographic, graphic and painterly means to develop their ideas. The catalogue offers a look behind the scenes, at ideas on their way to final implementation or rejection – "art in progress."
The catalogue is available in print as well as online.

Art Topography of Germany

Art and Satire Journals

Art, artist and satire periodicals from the Special Subject Collections of contemporary art (SLUB Dresden) and history of art (Heidelberg University Library) which have been digitally catalogued and are freely accessible online. For a majority of the journals a full text search is available. The essays are individually subject catalogued and can be searched systematically. The individual images and caricatures of the satire periodicals are also subject catalogued.

Specialist Literature on Jugendstil

Polish writings on art history

Sources for the History of Art History

Great Exhibitions of the 19th century

Drawing manuals and samples folders

The thematic focus lies for one on historical exhibition catalogues and art magazines from the beginning of the 19th century until the mid 20th century, on books on architecture and gardens as well as on art historical sources from the 16th until the early 20th century. Furthermore, digital images on contemporary art from 1945 onwards are made accessible here.