Sources for the History of Art History - digital

The thematic portal holds a collection of full-text digitized original editions of art historical or art theoretical sources from the 17th until the early 20th century. The focus of the collection is on ground-breaking works which laid the foundations for the establishment of art history as a discipline.

The digitized art literature is made available by Heidelberg University Library. The works belong to the holdings of the Specialised Information Service in Art History and reflect its focus. Thus, for the time being a generally binding and comprehensive portrayal of the most essential authors is not intended. The digital collection is still under construction and new titles, which are listed in an overview, are being added regularly.

The digital sources will be gradually embedded into a scientific context. Initially every author will be portrayed in a biographical sketch. These brief notes on significant dates and phases in the author’s life will be supplemented by information on the relevance of the scholar’s work. Moreover, there will be links to 'further reading' in library catalogues as well as to additional articles on the author’s biography in free accessible online-encyclopaedias. Thus, as much information as possible available in the internet on the art historian will be gathered and made accessible on one site.

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Sources for the History of Art History - digital