Within the context of and in collaboration with academics and research groups, Heidelberg University Library hosts and maintains database-supported bibliographies listing relevant literature on various topics of history of art.

Bibliographie Hieronymus Bosch

Bibliography Camera Work


The CARICATURE bibliography lists research literature on satirical journals, cartoons and caricatures. Its aim is to provide comprehensive coverage of pertinent international and interdisciplinary publications, thus making them readily accessible for researchers in the field.

Cranach Bibliography

"Bibliographie Cranach" is an online web resource that contains information on interdisciplinary specialist literature on Lucas Cranach the Elder, his sons, his workshop, and his successors.

Drawingbooks Bibliography

The bibliography offers systematic access to academic literature on drawing books in Europe from 1525 to 1925.

Dürer Bibliography

FAKE Bibliography

"Bibliographie FAKE" offers systematic access to interdisciplinary academic literature on the subject of art forgery, focusing on international affairs as well as on art historical context.

Bibliographie Glasmalerei

Bibliographie Johannes Itten

Die "Bibliographie Johannes Itten" erfasst Forschungsliteratur zum Ittens Leben und Werk. Das Ziel dieser Bibliographie ist, die internationale und interdisziplinäre Literatur zusammenzuführen und diese umfassend recherchierbar zu machen.

DER STURM Bibliography

The bibliography “Der Sturm“ was compiled at the Stuttgart Research Centre for Text Studies (SRCTS) in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart (ABK Stuttgart). It encompasses the secondary literature on Herwarth Walden, on the magazines “Der Sturm“ und “Die Sturmbühne,“ which were both published by him, as well as literature concerning the "Sturm"-books and books from the publishing house “Der Sturm.“ This bibliography will bring together current international and interdisciplinary literature that will allow thorough and comprehensive research.