PurchaseTip Help

Will I be charged the costs for the acquisition of the purchase tip?

No, the SLUB Dresden and University Library Heidelberg will bear all costs for the acquisition of the recommended title - you will not be charged anything.

I want to recommend a title - how can I do that?

Chose "Search - PurchaseTip" in the menu bar on aur website and fill out the PurchaseTip form.

How do I reserve the recommended title for inter library loan?

Please mark the information box in our PurchaseTiip form - you will be notified as soon as the recommended title will be available.

How long do I have to wait until the recommended title will be available?

We try to obtain your recommended title within 14 days. Please note that there ma be extended delivery times for foreign literature.

Whom can I contact in case I need further information about my request?

Please contact the person who informed you about your PurchaseTip.

How is this service financed by arthistoricum.net?

arthistoricum.net - Specialised Information Service for Art is a joint venture of SLUB Dresden and University Library Heidelberg. In the context of the DFG-program "Specialised Information Services for Researchers" the acquisition of specialised scientific literature is supported by the DFG and addionally financed by both libraries according to their acquisition focuses.



If you want to recommend a particular title to add to our collection at the Specialised Information Service for Art, please fill out our PuchaseTip form.