Digital Editions

Are you looking for a technical platform for a digital edition of a text/image corpora? supports art historians worldwide by providing a framework for creating digital text and image corpora i.e. digital editions. Heidelberg University Library provides their technical infrastructure for the online publishing of digitized source material. We aim to use up-to-date standards in text and image markup (XML/TEI) as well as enabling personalized annotation and commenting of the digital works. All content will be available in Open Access.

In its current form, the platform supports visualization of editorial intervention, normalization and annotation of texts. In the future, we will also provide a synoptic presentation in which transcriptions and edition texts will be displayed parallel to make them easier to compare. We also plan to make the edited version available, not only in HTML, but also in PDF format and as e-books.

A first example is the TEI-based digital text-image-edition of the „Welschen Gastes“ by Thomasin von Zerklaere, a collaboration project by UB Heidelberg and the Collaborate Research Centre „Materiale Textkulturen“ (SFB 933) of Heidelberg University.

In its test phase at the moment is a research project run by the History of Fine Arts Department at the Institute for Art History at Zurich University, entitled "CameraWork-Inside/Out: the past, present and future of an international medium of art and photography"
The aim of the project is the development and application of advanced work and publication methods in the digital humanities, both technical and structural, for the cataloguing of extensive research materials from diverse media
For more information vistit the thematic portal Camera Work.

We’ll be happy to advise you on your digital edition projects.


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