October 2019

Sibi et amicis!
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News Release

July/August 2019

The new LIDO Handbook for the Cataloging and Publication of Metadata on Cultural Objects Volume 1: Prints and Drawings is here!

The LIDO Handbook provides a complete guide for the structuring of LIDO documents, which is specifically designed for the recording of graphic collections.

The handbook enables:

  • to use the LIDO XML Schema, a standardized harvesting format established in the cultural heritage sector.
  • to format the data of your own collection in the best possible way for export to web portals.
  • to access the deep research level of local databases in the graphics portal and beyond.

The working group “Klebebände für Druckgraphik”

The working group “Klebebände für Druckgraphik” was founded in 2018. Its aim is to exchange knowledge and experiences about the research on and the digitalization of albums containing prints pasted onto their pages.

Contact person for further information

Dr. Christiane Lukatis
Graphische Sammlung
Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel
Postfach 410 420
34066 Kassel
fon +49 (0)561 316 80 - 114
fax +49 (0)561 316 80 – 111