Digital Art History Research Group

The Digital Art Research Group was founded in 2012 as an interest group and the lobby for art historical topics mainly concerning digital humanities in the German speaking world. It focusses, amongst other things, on innovative search strategies and tools, cross-media semantic linkage and information enhancement through digital tools, on reception research, social media, digital visualization and diagrams as research tools, as well as digital communication of art historical knowledge.


Prof. Dr. Peter Bell, Erlangen (research: image analysis and semantics)
Dr. Lisa Dieckmann, Cologne (legal issues/training: collection and legal management)
Prof. Dr. Stephan Hoppe, Munich (research: reconstruction und visualization; training: university education)
Dr. Georg Schelbert, Berlin (research: knowledge management, research environments)
Prof. Dr. Holger Simon, Cologne (training: professional development and advanced training; founding and innovation research)

A Wiki was established as a public information and communication platform. The research group is deliberately open to the public and invites interested people to join.

Postponed to September 2021, panel "Digitale Transformation der Geisteswissenschaften? Theoretische und methodologische Provokationen durch die Digital Humanities," at the 16th International Congress 2020 of the German Society for Semiotics (DGS) e.V., Transformations: Signs and Their Objects in Transition, Chemnitz, congress website.

The last meeting of the working group took place on March 5, 2020 at the University of Paderborn.
Further information can be found in the wiki.

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